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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a long-term process that begins with great content and ideas. The end-goal is to have you appear higher and more frequently in search engines (like Google). Each SEO project is tailored to you. While it’s a long drudge at the beginning, maintaining SEO gets easier as time goes on.

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Landing Pages


Landing pages are the beginning of a sales funnel and where people go when they click on ads, usually. These pages differ from your regular website as they are solely focused on a specific promotion or product. They are intended to either sell or grow your email list using a lead magnet.

Starting at $399

Lead Magent


A lead magnet is anything you can offer potential customers that has value. This value can take the form of an eBook, coupon, or anything that may entice someone to buy your product. While you know what you have to offer, we can help you put it together in an effective way. You provide the content, we’ll proof and polish it.

Starting at $199

Your automated marketing can…

  • Monitor SEO Progress

    Monitor SEO Progress

    As we progress through your SEO campaign or regular work, we’ll monitor the effectiveness of what’s happening. Statistics can be gathered from your site that tells us how and when people find your site and are using it. This will tell us what’s working and what needs improvement.

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  • Monitor Website Use

    Monitor Website Use

    As part of what we do, we also monitor the specific way people use your website. Things such as heat maps tell us where and how people are scrolling, clicking, and moving on your website. In turn, this lets us make smarter decisions about your website and marketing efforts.

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  • Analyze Competitors

    Analyze Competitor Websites

    There’s a reason your competitors rank higher than you in search engines. We’ll analyze their website and find out why. Then, we’ll go to work building your search engine ranking.

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  • Create Automated Sales Funnels

    Create Automated Sales Funnels

    You need to attract and entice people. This is what a sales funnel does. Typically, an automated funnel can be setup using advertisements, a landing page, and giving the customer some value (like an e-book or online training) that makes them consider buying your service or product.

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  • Monitor Keywords

    Monitor Specific Keywords

    The whole point of SEO is to increase your visibility on search engines and be found easily, naturally. We’ll monitor relevant keywords for changes in rank and how they relate to your website.

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  • Give Value to Your Customers

    Give Value to Your Customers

    Ever signed up to a mailing list to get an eBook, coupon, or other immediate, free download? That’s called giving value, but it’s usually in exchange for an email address. Anyone who is enticed enough by your offering to give you an email address is a qualified sales lead. We can help you create that value with lead magnets (the value you want to offer) and an accompanying landing page to effectively display your offer.

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Types of SEO

Technical SEO


Technical SEO is all of the things that makes your website easily crawled, read, and found by search engine robots. This includes how each page is structured, good coding, and having files to direct the robots to the right pages of your website..

On-Page SEO


On-Page SEO involves anything that is contained on a webpage intended to be seen and used by website visitors (actual people). The main aspect of on-page SEO is content (text, pictures, and other media) and how optimized & relevant to a keyword a webpage is.

Off-Page SEO


Off-Page SEO is everything else from outside your website affecting your SEO ranking. While there are many factors, the largest and most important are backlinks (links back to your website on other websites) and shares & mentions on social media. Analyzing your competitor’s website is the best way to see where your website SEO falls short.

How SEO Works

Find Your Website

Search Engines
Find Your Website

When a website is first built only you, and anyone you tell, knows it exists. Eventually, search engines will find it through new domain name registrations, a linkback on another site, or you will tell Google you have a new website through their URL submission service

Read Your Website

Search Engines
Read Your Website

Now that a search engine knows your website exists, it will gather and digest all the content on the website using their robots. It looks at all the pages it is told to by a file called a sitemap and excludes pages listed in another file called robots.txt.

Rank Your Website

Search Engines
Rank Your Website

Once all your webpages and content are scanned and read by search engine robots, their own ranking algorithm determines your rank and relevancy for different keywords or phrases used by people who search on Google. Ranking is determined by relevancy which is determined by not only the quality of the content, but statistics on how many people have read & shared it, among others.

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